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  Resource Education and Agriculture Leadership
October 2015

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Class II studies ethical leadership at inaugural seminar in Bozeman

Class II of REAL Montana (Resource Education and Agriculture Leadership) held their first seminar in Bozeman on Sept. 17-19, 2015. During the seminar, industry experts and REAL Montana supporters presented on leadership principles, personality types, business etiquette, and program expectations. The class toured the Montana Gluten-Free processing facilities and the Martin and Sue Kimm potato farm, where RDO Integrated Controls provided a demonstration on drone technology. Teambuilding activities, networking opportunities and public speaking practice occurred throughout the three-day seminar. The next seminar focuses on media training and will take place in Billings on November 18-20.

Photo: Class II at the Martin and Sue Kimm Potato Farm near Manhattan

Scenes from Seminar 1

Class II members Nick Miller, Bryan Lorengo, and Nicole Rolf

Teambuilding high ropes course

Bruce Wright, Class I graduate, talks about his company MT Gluten Free Processors

Class II member Chaley Harney examines a potato field


Learning about potato processing in Manhattan

Matt Hayes from RDO Integrated Controls explains UAV technology

Seminar 1 Insights

“The first seminar was filled with very informative and thought-provoking presentations. Our class is full of diversity from backgrounds and organizations across the state that represents agriculture and natural resources. REAL Montana will be both demanding and challenging and I am anxious to participate."
-Chaley Harney: Executive Director, Montana Beef Council, Billings

“I really enjoyed getting to know my classmates. We have similar goals and will learn a tremendous amount from the program and from each other. The first seminar helped us understand different personalities and leadership styles, assisted us in identifying our strengths and weaknesses, clearly outlined the expectations of the class, and gave us a chance to learn more about agriculture and emerging technology.”
- Nicole Rolf: Director of National Affairs/Eastern Montana Regional Manager, Montana Farm Bureau Federation, Miles City

I am very impressed by the REAL Montana program!  The quality of the sessions, operational tours and leaders of the program are exceptional.  The Session 1 experience was focused on leadership, business etiquette and drone technology along with agriculture production and processing in the Gallatin Valley.  The opportunity to see agriculture production in a different area provides a deeper understanding of the challenges we all face and the creative solutions each of us needs to bring to our respective industry.  I am looking forward to building relationships with the diverse group of leaders in Class II who will all have a significant impact on the natural resource industries!
-Farrah McGregor: Branch Manager/VP, Northwest Farm Credit Services, Great Falls

Class I Profiles

Jacob Smith: Part-Owner, Smith 6-S Livestock, Glen

I applied for REAL Montana after talking with Bryan Mussard, a Class I graduate. It sounded like it would help me gain the skills to become more involved in an organization such as the Stockgrowers instead of sitting on the sidelines and watching others do the work.

The most impactful experiences thus far have been meeting great leaders from other resource industries around Montana, and being pushed out of my comfort zone during the first seminar. It is a lot of work for me to stand up in front of a group of people I just met and talk.

Hobbies: I am a photography enthusiast and enjoy reading and collecting old 45s. If anybody has some good country ones they want to get rid of, my jukebox is ready to spin them.

Meet Class II

Class II of REAL represents a diverse cross-section of natural resource industries across Montana. Twenty participants were competitively selected based on leadership capabilities and willingness to serve in decision-making roles upon completing the program. For a complete list, CLICK HERE.

Our Advisory Board

The REAL Montana Advisory Board consists of 12 industry leaders from across the state who donate countless hours to ensure REAL Montana is a success. CLICK HERE to meet our 2015 Advisory Board.

REAL Montana Sponsors

REAL Montana is made possible through the generous support of a broad group of public and private entities. Click Here for a complete list of program sponsors. For information on becoming a sponsor of REAL Montana, please contact the Program Director.





Class II is off to a great start and we are excited to spend the next two years working with this impressive group of leaders!

REAL Montana was recognized at recent industry events including the Women Stepping Forward for Agriculture conference in Billings and the Treasure State Resource Industry Association annual meeting in Whitefish.

- Janelle Booth
Director, REAL Montana

Seminar 2: Working with the Media, November 18-20, 2015 in Billings

Seminar 3: MT Crop Production & Economy, January 14-16, 2016 in Great Falls


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